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Time to enjoy it! Sève’s first EP with 82 Studio

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Release from Sève

Here it comes!
As a result of our work with 82Studio, we are releasing a three tracks EP.
Our first EP includes three tracks, namely: Crossroad, Killer and Road up the Hill.
Regarding these choices, it represents the departure of Sève and the will to go forward. We decided to propose the intimate side of our music. Maybe something more powerful later? You will see it as you follow us on social media such as our Facebook page.

Greetings to 82Studio

We thank them so much, which has done a great job with our EP . In addition, you can discover its work on the Studio’s website.

Where can I find it?

> > We are pleased to introduce this first EP right there ! < <

Sève Administrator

We are a pop rock band from Paris, France.

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