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So different again. Here the changes

Jules bassiste

Hey, I’m Marc from Sève, to give you some news on it ! And I said… changes.

So many things happened

It has been a long time I haven’t posted anything here. Well, sorry about it, it is all on me, and I have been so busy these last few months. I hope things go well with you guys ! So I am gonna give you some news about the band, since many things happened during this period of time.

Let’s go with the first of our changes, pretty big thing: Last year, David left. We want to thank him for all the things he did for the band, and wish him all the best on his future projects. Eventualy we will give more news about him to share infos, but he is no more part of this adventure.

Do deal with it, we change the colours ! The super talented Chloé 😉 is now doing the main vocals and we have been working on our set to reflect this change: new songs, old songs with a different feeling. Also you will hear Grégory and me singing on other songs. We have three very different voices!

We played for la Fête de la Musique on June 21st at Evry-Grégy-sur-Yerres: check the event page. Then we will play in L’AppArt Café of Reims, Saturday the 3rd of March, with Hystérésis.

And the latest changes

In between, we said goodbye to Roberto. He shared a part of our life, from the time we started Fallenfest, I believe. Of course we also wish him the best.

So we had to find a new one ! This is why we welcome Jules, our new bass player ! Yes it’s him on the picture 🙂 From now on, he is an official member of the band, and I hope he will be part of the next news we write to you. For good news of course. Soooooo, let’s go for a wonderful 2018 !

Your drummer,

Time to enjoy it! Sève’s first EP with 82 Studio

82Studio logo

Release from Sève

Here it comes!
As a result of our work with 82Studio, we are releasing a three tracks EP.
Our first EP includes three tracks, namely: Crossroad, Killer and Road up the Hill.
Regarding these choices, it represents the departure of Sève and the will to go forward. We decided to propose the intimate side of our music. Maybe something more powerful later? You will see it as you follow us on social media such as our Facebook page.

Greetings to 82Studio

We thank them so much, which has done a great job with our EP . In addition, you can discover its work on the Studio’s website.

Where can I find it?

> > We are pleased to introduce this first EP right there ! < <

Bass player switching for next show

Felix and Roberto at bass

From dust, the bass

Since we are not so good to make everything always perfect, for next show in Paris, Roberto our bass player is not with us, but will be in Japan !

Not bad, but anyway we need a bass player… Here comes Félix, from a band we know for long : From Dust We Came. As the singer, Rudy, came to replace David in previous show, and the funny part is that we play in the same concert hall as this time. Destiny?…



Actually, Felix is not gonne play with us, for some personal reasons. So we had to find someone else. It seems we have an other one !

Don’t worry, the show will be perfect ! With you 😉